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Effective Love Spells (Gayuma)

Do you want to be reunited with your ex or attract a new lover? If so, let me help you.

I am also offering Do-it-yourself Love Spell and Love Potion

Please fill out the form below if you want me to help you. I am going to evaluate your situation first through a short reading before I cast a love spell for you. Please wait for my email within a week.

How Love Spells Work I've been a spell-caster for almost 10 years now and my experiences have helped me developed a broad perspective on how love spells work. Many people are coming to me for help and most of them have love-related problems. I am handling a lot of clients who want their ex-lover back but I only choose to work with some of them. I understand that everyone deserves help but this is not applicable in spell-casting. Before casting a spell, I require my clients to undergo a card reading for us to know the pros and cons of doing that. If it’s not favorable to conduct a ritual, then I will honestly tell them the consequences and I will give them another option, like a ritual for detachment or healing.

I understand that magic can’t really control one’s emotions and will. This is the reason why I don’t usually cast love spells. It can only influence a situation or event to open doors of opportunities for the manifestation to take place. Let’s say a girl wants to bring her ex-boyfriend back to her but the boy doesn't love her anymore. If she insists to use magic to win him back, she would get the attention of his boyfriend again but she would definitely not be able to regain his love.

In my experience, I can say that magic can be best used to enhance an existing relationship and to attract a new lover, not to manipulate someone to love you. We can also use this to reunite lost lovers, only if there’s no manipulation involved, the feeling is mutual and we are not hurting someone in the process.

Magic aligns itself with the forces of the Universe. Magic can help a town to get rid of a storm but whether they like it or not, the storm will come back again and it could cause more destruction. It is because nature always finds its way to balance itself.

Therefore, if you are here because you want me to reunite you with your ex, think again.

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ATTENTION: For the mean time, I am not accepting new clients for spell-casting. I will very busy with my work and family until the end of this year. I am not that sure if I can still continue casting spells for others, so please look for other spell-casters who have the time to do so. I hope you understand.